About Us


Our parent company, Dycom Industries, Inc. founded in 1969 and headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and is a leading provider of an extensive array of telecommunications and electrical services to public and private utility companies, cable television multiple system operators, and telephone companies throughout the United States. The company leads its industry through a strategy of selective acquisition of established, well-respected construction and service companies with proven track records. As a result, Dycom has assembled a group of highly skilled and talented people, supported by an extensive fleet of capital equipment. Backed by the financial human resources of the publicly held, NYSE-traded company, the collective strengths of all Dycom subsidiary companies provide unparalleled depth and scope of service to our customers. The Dycom Family of Companies currently serves over 100 different Customers in 44 States, employs over 11,000 Professionals.


  • Pole Setting Crews / Aerial Line Crews
  • Cable Maintenance Splicers (copper and fiber)
  • Residential Installers & Repair Technicians
  • Special Circuits (Digital Technicians)
  • Central Office Technicians (switching, transport and power)